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Talking about cedar to a landowner can be like talking about mesquite.  They may admit that the wood is pretty and makes furniture that they think is really good looking, but they wish every twig of it was gone from their property.  And with good reason.   Like mesquite, when cedar takes over, grasses and other native vegetation are drastically reduced. 

The cedar found native is not a true cedar but a juniper.  The predominating cedar in our area is the Ashe juniper – what most people call scrub cedar.  It is usually a short multi-trunked shrub but under the right conditions can grow a respectable enough trunk to yield lumber.  We will usually have some on hand but most of the cedar we carry is eastern redcedar, which is also known as aromatic cedar - the wood your grandma’s old cedar chest was made from.  When freshly cut the wood has a beautiful red or even purple color usually having white streaks and many, many, many (did I mention many ?) knots that make a striking piece.  Some eastern redcedar is to be found in the Stephenville area but we are on the edge of its range and most of what we get is from north or east.

We usually have cedar boards or mantelpieces up to 15 inches wide.  Since cedar is known for rot resistance it stores well in log form and it dries fast when cut.  That means it can be milled to your specifications and you can have wood ready to go faster than other type we carry.




 Aromatic Red Cedar


<8 inches wide   2.00
8-10 inches wide   2.50
>10 inches   3.00
Book-matched <10 4/4 2.75
Book-matched >10 4/4 3.50
Mantle Pieces   Call
Posts 4"X4" 2.50


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