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Tree Removal
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We often get request's for tree removal.  Quite often people do not wish to keep the tree,  but they know what we do, and would like to have the tree go for something useful, as opposed to just making more landfill waste or burning it.  We can and do save many trees from this fate, however, we can only use trees of a certain size, and we do not attempt (in most cases) to fell a tree near power lines or a house.  We offer this service on a case by case basis when asked to take a tree down near either of these.  Below is an example of a tree that we were asked to take down.  This particular customer did not want it to be landfill fodder.  This particular Pecan tree was over 5' across at the base.  The log in the second picture weighed in at 13,600#.

My kids......

A load of pecan that came from a place near Cross Plains, TX.  These were all standing dead when we took them down.  This load would have surely rotted where it stood had we not harvested them.  


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